Air Conditioner Temperature Balancing

air-conditioner-serviceOne of the most common questions we get is in regards to air balancing. How come one of the rooms of the house is always cold while another room is always hot?

You probably have had this same issue at one point or another. This can be uncomfortable and could end up costing you some money on the long run.

You will often see family members arguing about the thermostat. One will lower the temperature and 5 minutes later someone in another room will go up to the thermostat and raise the temperature.

The reason this happens is due to a deficiency in your air balance.

What the heck is air balance?

Air balancing is a detail process that a professional AC Repair Miami company can conducts to balance the temperature in every room of your house so that it remains as even and as constant as possible.

Ideally you want every room of the house to have the exact same temperature, and the only way to truly reach this point is by balancing the air throughout the house.

This is not a problem if you have a one room window air conditioner, but it does present a problem when it comes to central air conditioning units.

What affects the air balance?

The temperature of your home is affected by many factors. Sunlight exposure, windows sizes, the distance and setup of your air conditioning ducks, the power and limits of your air conditioning unit. You name it.

In order to maintain your air temperature balanced, you need to make sure every room is optimized for its specific conditions.

Miami is a hot city and having a room that is directly affected by sunlight in our tropical Florida heaven will certainly affect the temperature and feel of that room.

Some of the rooms in your house are probably smaller than others, so it is important to have a professional Miami ac repair company come to your home and balance these issues.

There are many things that can be done to control this and having an expert service your home is the first step of the equation.

air-conditioner-thermostatWhy you need to correct this issue

If you are tired of fighting your family members in the thermostat war, then you probably need to balance your air conditioner.

Changing your temperature all the time can also have harsh effects on your energy consumption, which means you not only have to deal with a pissed off mother in law, it is actually costing you money.

It doesn’t take much to fix this problem if you know what to do. A professional should be able to correct these issues in a couple of hours and the cost of this service is usually pretty low.


The Godlike Power to Enhance Your Brain

enhance brain powerIn today’s world, technology has created a philosophy of bigger is better.

Most of us think about enhancing our lives by getting bigger homes, faster cars or increasing our salaries, but there is a new revolution taking place.

Brain Enhancements

As our understanding of science improves, so do the methods of enhancing our brains and abilities to think and concentrate.

We can now enhance our brain capacity in many different ways. Some of those ways are exercising, eating a better diet, meditation or the most popular brain supplements.

Exercise and Its Effect on Brain Power

Exercise has always been popular and effective in improving our health and quality of life. But recently, it has been shown to improve brain functions in many ways. It does this by improving blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

But it doesn’t stop there… Read more

Improving your Memory with Natural Brain Supplements

natural brain supplementsImproving your Memory with Natural Brain Supplements

Have you ever walked into a room and asked yourself why the heck did I come here for?

Do you constantly have a hard time remembering names and phone numbers?

Do you always forget what you did the previous day?

This used to happen to Susan and it happened quite often.

Susan is now 47. She has been married for 25 years and has 2 kids. If you look from the outside in, she probably looks like your typical middle age, middle class wife.

She seems to live a happy live and spends a lot of time with her husband and kids. But there is more than meets the eye in Susan’s case.

When Susan was 17 she was diagnosed with having a degenerative memory. Doctors prescribed dozens of pills and treatments though out her life but most of these drugs never did a thing. Some of the pills actually made her sick.

She remembers getting so drowsy from the pills that she says sometimes it fell like she wasn’t really there. “It felt like I was on a zombie state. “ Read more

How to keep the brain young

Anti-aging research has been done by scientists to understand how we age and what we can do to delay the effects of aging.  Anti-oxidants are the best defense that protects the brain to fight against aging and disease.

From the moment we were born, everyday our bodies are attacked by free radicals. Free radicals are a highly active and damaging substance produced by disease, pollution and others.

Free radicals activity increases as we age, at the same time, our capacity to fight off these attackers diminishes. There are few regimens to delay the process of aging.

There are many ways to help our brain. Which include things like a balanced diet, exercising, and taking brain supplements.

Maintain a balance diet

Keep in mind to take low fat, low sugar, and low sodium in your daily menu. In excess of this, is not healthy to your body. Eat more brain food, more servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

They are loaded with anti-oxidants that help delay the aging process. Everyday drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Avoid smoking, excessive drinking, and drugs. These bad habits can lead to diseases that will rob you of good health. Read more

Techniques That Increase Brain Power

With the busy and hectic schedules that we have in school and in the office and the demands from work and family, it cannot be avoided that some of us experienced memory loss, fatigue and lack of concentration.

With the varied stressors we experience, it is no longer a surprise to find ourselves forgetful at times, even simple activities, events and names of persons are no longer remembered.

If you are one of the millions of individuals who experienced these scenarios, then your brain power is deteriorating.

What measures can you take to regain and to improve memory? Are there effective techniques and exercises to address this problem?

Today, there are lots of measures, methods and techniques for brain enhancement. With all the stressors that our brain encountered daily, having an alert and focused mind is needed to become competitive. How can you decide on something if you cannot think clearly?

Remember that our minds are affected by different things, like lack of stress, sleep, lifestyle and poor nutrition. All these factors not only influence our health but our brains as well. Apart from taking brain supplements, it is a must for everyone to take simple measures to boost brain power and to improve concentration.

Below are basic steps in increasing brain power: Read more